What’s New in Simsol Software?

We are excited to announce new updates for Simsol Software. Our Development and Quality Assurance Teams have been working hard to get these releases ready for you. The updates now available for download are Simsol’s Build, the 3rd Quarter Pricing Database, and the Insurance to Value (I2V) 2020 Database. The most significant changes to these updates include new Trade and Subtrade additions to allow for the separation of remediation actions, flood loss clean up, and PPE. We have also improved the ‘Water Did Not Enter’ field in the Preliminary Report wizard.

Simsol’s Changes:

New Trade and Subtrade Additions
  • Remediation, Flood loss Clean-Up, and Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) Trades and Subtrades have been added to allow for better specifications:
    • Remediation activities are generally involved in fire losses or heavy water losses and in most flood losses. In flood losses, these occur after the initial flood loss clean-up of the soil or silt and debris carried in by the floodwaters.
    • The PPE Subtrade will identify the PPE suits, gloves, and masks when added to an estimate separate from a combined scope (e.g., flood loss clean-up with PPE, which includes the PPE items in the unit pricing).
    • We also added a labor Subtrade to each of the new trades. This will separate the addition of labor hours for carpenters, painters, masonry, roofing, and more. For example, if 10 hours of additional carpenter labor is added, it will now be separated on the detailed trade summary to reflect labor hours for the carpentry trade.
Improved the ‘Water Did Not Enter’ Field in Preliminary Report Wizards
Improved Installer and AutoUpdater Tools
Bundled 2020 Pricing in Simsol’s Standalone Installers

3rd Quarter Pricing Database Changes:

New Items:
  • Flood clean-up with Personal Protection Equipment (PPE):
  • Added 12” O.C. Roof Framing or Roofs with a Pitch Greater than 6/12
    • Items added for 2×4, 2×6, 2×8, 2×10, and 2×12 framing
Pricing Fluctuations:
  • Materials: +/-1%
  • Equipment: +/-1%
  • Roof & Floor Trusses: 5% to 7% increase
    • Includes TJI, W Fink, and Gable End Scissor trusses
  • Wall & Ceiling Assemblies: 8% to 15% increase
    • Assemblies include framing, drywall, and insulation
  • Cabinets: 8% to 15% increase in material costs

Insurance to Value (I2V) – 2020:

New 2020 Insurance to Value (I2V) Report Database sourced from Craftsman Publishing.

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