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Just a few reasons to choose Simsol:

Free Tech Support

Don’t pay extra for help, that’s kind of silly. We’ve got an award winning team of support people standing by to help all of our users if they need it. Call, email or ask a question at our online support site.

Free Upgrades & Updates

Updates are free too! We keep your software and database pricing current at all times. No extra fees or purchases for upgrades, it’s all included!

Beautiful Estimates

We don’t mean to brag, but Simsol creates the most readable, best-looking estimates and claim files you’ve ever seen. Take a look at a sample estimate to see for yourself. Submit claims for review with confidence every time.

Digital Photos in a Snap

Import digital photos into your claim files with ease. With Simsol, you can import photos directly from your hard drive, digital camera, or external storage device. Label and annotate your photos for a professional and impressive finish.

Quick Diagrams with SmartSketch

Draw beautiful diagrams in Simsol quickly and easily using SmartSketch. Don’t spend hours creating diagrams, we’d rather you spend your valuable time doing the important stuff – estimates!

Industry Forms & Reports

Our library of industry forms and reports is a game changer. Not only do we have an extensive list of commonly used reports, we use merge field technology to auto-fill your reports for you! It just doesn’t get any better than that.

Hear what our users have to say about Simsol’s Property Estimating Solutions.

We had the pleasure of meeting Brandon in 2013 when he visited us for a training class. He was a novice to Simsol and wanted to learn how to better his skills before taking it out into the field. We hope it paid off and it was a pleasure sitting and talking with him.

Mark is a property claims analyst with Selective Insurance and an all-around super nice guy. We met Mark at the PLRB conference and had a great time talking to him. We appreciate him taking the time to sit down and give his opinion of Simsol’s property estimating solutions.

Rich Perlman has been a contractor for years and has transitioned to adjusting recently. He visited us recently in our Orlando office to attend a training class. During his stay, he was gracious enough to sit down for a few minutes and give us his impressions of Simsol and our products.

More testimonials from Simsol users

Property Estimating Solutions | Robert Fisher“I have been a Simsol customer for five years now. I use their Simsol for Adjusters software. The program provides me with the tools I need to deliver great results to my clients. Their tech support is one of the best I encountered in my 15 years as a property adjuster, always their with a solution to my tech questions when I need them. ~Robert Fisher. Experienced Property Claims Adjuster

Property Estimating Solutions | Woody Britton“We have used Simsol over the years and have found the program to be the perfect software program for adjusting needs. The program is easy to use and very intuitive. The database is especially helpful for a catastrophe adjuster. We find the format easy to work through and the help section is also easy to access and very detailed. ~Woody Britton. Independent Adjuster

Property Estimating Solutions | Chuck Deaton“Simsol is a company that produces several software applications used in writing building repair and valuation estimates. Their product and their marketing is innovative in its efficiency and usefulness to the professional. John Postava and team clearly conjured up a winner. Based on personal experience I give Simsol and its products my highest recommendation. ~Charles “Chuck” Deaton

Property Estimating Solutions | Lanny Adkinson“Simsol was used in previous independent adjustment jobs, and was an up to date Estimation System which they keep up to date Valuations on Materials and Labor Pricing, with immediate notices of any changes in your local area of business. ~Lanny Adkinson

Property Estimating Solutions | Mark Cram“Started using Simsol estimating software for it’s extensive contents database during Hurricane Charley in 2004 . Have since used it for dwelling and contents estimates in Hurricanes Katrina, Wilma, Ike, Sandy in NJ. Also, used for waterloss, fire, sinkhole and various other claims adjusting ~Mark M. Cram. Public Adjuster

Property Estimating Solutions | Tricia Day“Simsol has a wonderful Tech support if there is ever any questions on how to use the software program. They are always willing to help you with any questions and is always professional, and very knowledgeable about the program and computers. ~Tricia Day. Independent Claim Adjuster

Simsol does more than just estimating



Simsol’s web-based solution for the electronic assignment, tracking and exchange of property claim data for managers and field adjusters.

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Powerful estimate auditing tools enabling managers to examine one or thousands of estimates for accuracy and adherence to best practices.

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