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Improving the Customer Experience for NFIP Policyholders

Flood Claims & The PBS Frontline Story   There I was, sitting on my patio watching the PBS Frontline report on the problems with the NFIP with regards to Superstorm Sandy policyholders. Just a few days prior, I returned from the 2016 National Flood Conference (NFC)...

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Amazing Water Flow Rate from a Broken Pipe

Amazing Water Flow Rates from Broken Pipes (and Even More Amazing Water Bills)   When there is a broken pipe on your property, how much water is actually flooding in? Well, that depends on two factors: the size of the pipe and the length of time it flows. If you are...

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Cool Facts about Water Damage You Didn’t Know

There is a plethora of science and wondrous stuff when you look down deep at it. Here we look at just three of the many fascinating facts involved with water damages. Explain these things to the property owner with a flood and they will sit back and relax and know everything will be done right. Or at least sound that way!

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What Makes a Great CAT Adjuster?

What Makes a Great CAT Adjuster?   So What Does Make a Great CAT Adjuster? Over my thirty-five years of catastrophe (CAT) adjusting, I have seen many adjusters come and go. What does it take to be a GREAT catastrophe, or CAT, adjuster? It can be summed up in three...

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