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Get all you need done, with one low price

At Simsol we believe in honest pricing, no start-up cost or hidden fees.

Choose below from one of our upfront pricing plans.

Get all you need done, with one low cost

At Simsol we believe in honest pricing, no start-up cost or hidden fees.

Choose below from one of our upfront pricing plans.

Discounts Available

Simsol offers volume discounts for all Insurance Carriers, Restoration Contractors, Independent, Catastrophe and Public Adjusting Firms. Please contact our sales department specialists for more information about our multi-user discounts.

For Independent Adjusting Firm discounts, please contact the IA firm directly. We do not provide the names of IA firms that receive preferred pricing.

Frequently asked questions, answered.
FREE Demo Questions
What do I get with my free trial?
During your trial period, you’ll have access to an almost-full version of Simsol so you can try it out. Any claims that you complete during your trial period will carry over when you’re ready to upgrade to a paid subscription. You’ll have access to many instructional tools and videos to help you get started. You’ll also be able to speak to our knowledgeable support staff for help with any of our products at no cost to you.
Do I need a credit card to sign up?
Nope, we will only ask for your credit card when you’re ready to purchase.
What isn’t included in my free trial?
The only features you will not have access to are file-sharing tools like archiving and exporting more than a few PDFs without watermarks. These features will become enabled when a subscription plan is purchased.
Pricing Questions
What does a Simsol subscription include?
Paid versions of Simsol includes complete access to the Simsol program. This includes version updates, pricing and tax updates, access to our technical support team, and the ability to transfer full claim files to other users of Simsol.
What is the difference between the different plans offered by Simsol?
Whether you purchase the monthly, quarterly, or yearly plans, you will have full access to all features within Simsol. We merely offer more significant discounts to those who plan on using us for a more extended period. By ordering yearly, you’ll save on average $720 per license, per year.
Can I cancel at any time?
Even though we know you’ll love using our software, you can cancel your account by choosing not to renew when your license expires. We’ll be sad to see you go. Before purchasing a license to use our software, please consider your purchase carefully, as all sales are final and subject to the terms and conditions of the licensing agreement. Due to the nature of estimating, we can not issue refunds for purchased licenses.
General Questions
What are the minimum system requirements for running Simsol?
Windows 10, Windows 8 (not 8 RT), Windows 7, Windows Vista (All Suites), Windows XP (All Suites). PC with 2.8 GHz microprocessor or higher 4GB of DDR RAM or higher, 150MB of free hard disk space, SVGA or better screen display (minimum 800×600 resolution), True Color Graphics.
Does your software work on Apple products?
While we do have an iOS compatible app, Simsol’s Estimating Platform is designed to run on Windows OS. Some of our users have been able to run our software on iOS using products that emulate a Windows operating environment on a Mac. Our support team can’t do much to help with technical issues that arise from this type of setup because it does not comply with our license agreement.
Is there a network version of Simsol?
Yes, there is. Our network version is intended for local area networks with a dedicated server machine to host Simsol. This setup allows your team to log in & share your Simsol files in one place. You pay for the number of “seats” you would like to be able to access the software at the same time. Learn how to set up Simsol on a network by following this tutorial.

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