Simsol is proud to announce our New Vice President of Development, Doug Goldberg. At Simsol, we pride ourselves on promoting talent from within the organization. Doug started at Simsol as a Technical Support Representative in January of 2017.

In April 2019, Mr. Goldberg expressed interest in joining the development team, primarily working on front-end projects. His previous positions had given him the talent to supervise others and roadmap what he saw as the best way for the Simsol dev team to proceed.

In collaboration with Megan McAuliffe, acting CTO, he organized the entire development team to expand their skills in full-stack development through educational courses on the latest technologies. Doug’s enthusiasm and encouragement have served to impress upper management so much that they advanced his position to reflect his skill level. In November 2020, the decision was made by management to promote Mr. Goldberg as Simsol’s New Vice President of Development.

One of Doug’s most recent accomplishments is overseeing the New Claimswire Mapping tool. This served as a great first step in creating our claims portals. There will be several portals that will work together to support the new paradigm of property claims adjudication. This architecture has allowed Simsol to act agnostically, thus allowing for the carriers to choose any insurtech/estimating system for each claim. Mr. Goldberg brings a wealth of knowledge and experience in the latest development tools on the market.

Mr. Goldberg served in the US Army Reserves for six years and worked in signal operations at the MacDill Air Force Base in Tampa, FL. In 2010, he started learning software development and has continued to stay on top of the most latest technologies.

In his spare time, Doug enjoys basketball with friends as well as playing the guitar. His interest in boxing has spurred him into taking lessons and has just begun jiu-jitsu with a member of his team. This illustrates his understanding of the importance of teamwork even in his free time.

“Doug is a true asset to Simsol, and we’re looking forward to the continuing contributions he brings to our development team. Our upper management has been in the process of changing for several years and Doug and Megan have been incredibly helpful in bringing new ideas to change the claims paradigm. As an older company, it is of utmost importance that we are all focused on making the team more forward-thinking. Doug Goldberg, through his enthusiasm and initiatives, has encouraged our company to rise to new levels of excellence. We’ll soon be bringing these improvements to market,” according to Karen Palmer, COO of Simsol. “We’ve already seen concrete examples of Doug’s innovation and look forward to seeing what comes next from our new vice president.”

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