Pricing Updates

Version Update

May 3, 2017  download exclusive version and includes:

  • 7093 update that was available exclusively via Auto-updater
  • Latest pricing update (2nd Quarter Pricing and May Tax Update for 2017)
  • Two-step troubleshooting feature for Auto-Updater to help support

Tax Update for May 2017 Released

May 1, 2017

  • Tax update for May 2017 released

Version Update

April 28, 2017 update released via Auto-updater today

  • Fixed system preferences ‘Update Default Drawer Pricing’ feature
  • Fixed miscellaneous spacing and verbiage
  • Updated 2017 splash screen

2nd Quarter Pricing 2017 Update

April 20, 2017

  • Location Factor Changes:
    • Materials: +/-1%
    • Labor Rates: +/-4%
    • Equipment: +/-1%

Tax Update for April 2017 – Version 2 Released

  • Revisions made to King, Okanogan, Pierce, Snohomish, Spokane, Thurston and Whatcom Counties

Tax Update Released

March 31, 2017

  • Tax update for April 2017 – Version 2 Update Released via Auto-Updater

March 9, 2017

  • Fixes PDF importer issue where imported document failed to display after being rotated within utility

Note: This is quick update, available via Auto-updater for installations Update Released

February 9, 2017

  • New install and update of download page include all latest pricing prepackaged

1st Quarter Pricing 2017 Update – Version 2 Released

January 26, 2017

Corrected unit of measure for following items:

  • Add for Additional Story for Roofing
  • Add for Steep Pitch – Shingle/Metal Roof
  • Add for Steep Pitch – Slate/Tile/Wood Roof

1st Quarter Pricing 2017 Update

January 23, 2017

  • Complete Building Repair Registry
    • The following changes/enhancements have been made for the 1st Quarter 2017 Repair Registry:
      • Additions to database:
        • Water/Remediation items – Category listings have been expanded to include removal of non-salvageable vinyl, additional pricing for remediation of cat1, cat2 and cat3 water, additional categories for removal of water from Hard Surface Floor, Flooring and Carpeted Floors. Labor rates for Cleaning Remediation technicians and Remediation supervisors. After hours labor costs for remediation items
        • Peel & Seal Zippers and Tension rods for use in erecting barriers/air-lock/decontamination areas
        • Debris chutes
        • Tar & Screed application
        • Board-up using Polycarbonate (Lexan) Sheets
        • Vanity Tops by the Linear Foot
      • Expanded Specs:
        • Treat Carpet
        • Disinfect/Deodorize Carpet
        • Bathtubs
        • Ductwork
        • Above-Counter Microwave (previously named Microhood Microwaves)
    • Location Factor Changes:
      • Materials: 0 to +/-1%
      • Labor Rates: 0 to +/-3%

Version Update

November 9, 2016

  • Added Manual ClaimsWire Repair Utility to Simsol’s Utility Suite

Version Update

October 19, 2016

  • Improved Pricing Update Feature
  • Improved Categorized View of Installed Databases
  • Added Simsol Archive Printer Utility
  • Included the 4th Quarter 2016 Pricing Update
  • Included the October 2016 Tax Data Update

4th Quarter Pricing 2016 Update

October 19, 2016

  • Complete Building Repair Registry
    • The following changes/enhancements have been made for the 4th Quarter Repair Registry:
      • Reorganized Residential Doors Category
      • Reorganized Mobile Home repair items
      • Added Mobile Home Interior Door selections
      • Added new categories for entering Contractor Bid (Lump Sum) Items
      • Expanded Water Remediation item selections
      • Added Interior French Door item selections
    • Location Factor Changes:
      • Materials: 0 to +/-1%
      • Labor Rates: 0 to +/-3%
      • Equipment: 0 to +/-1%

Version Update

September 1, 2016

  • Renamed FINISHES Sub-trade:
    • OLD Sub-trade: Painting / Staining
    • NEW Sub-trade: Painting / Staining / Texturing
  • Re-classified all Texturing Registry Line Items to NEW Sub-trade in the following VSS Categories:
    • Wall Interior Finishes
    • Ceiling Interior Finishes
    • Walls and Ceilings Combined Items
  • Re-named all “Airmover” (single word) line items to “Air Mover” (two words) for easier Searches

August 08, 2016

  • Fixed Location Factor’s to Display Only 3-Digit Zip Codes

July 25, 2016

  • Fixed Ability to Generate Blank Photo Sheets from Global Print Screen
  • Fixed Automatic Image Downsampling (800×600) for Thumbnail Importer
  • Fixed Automatic Image Downsampling for Digital Imager to Maintain Aspect Ratios
  • Fixed Blank Policy Term Dates Issue With ClaimsWire Assignments
  • Improved ClaimsWire SOL Data Upload
  • Updated VSS (Virtual Scope Sheet) Layout for Floor-To-Ceiling Scoping (with 3rd Quarter 2016 Pricing Update)
  • Complete Building Repair Registry
    • Updated Floor-To-Ceiling layout:
      • Due to repeated requests from you, the users, we have retro-designed the SIMSOL Complete Building Repair Registry to once again replicate the floor-to-ceiling, interior-to-exterior flow of the original SIMSOL database. Many users prefer this layout as a way to organize their estimates. In addition to users, claims examiners and reviewers also prefer the floor-to-ceiling, interior-to-exterior repair line item design which enables them to more easily review SIMSOL estimates.
      • Because of this reorganization, you may notice after the update that some of the line items are found in a different position or nested under a different category within the Virtual Scope Sheet (VSS). We are sorry for any inconvenience this may cause some of our users initially but we believe, based on feedback, that you will appreciate the overall organization of the new Repair Registry.
      • Remember: If you wish to update the pricing of any CURRENT estimate (even after you have accepted the updated Complete Building Repair Registry database, you must update the GPT (Global Price Table) for each specific estimate.
    • Location Factor Changes:
      • Materials: 0 to +/-1%
      • Labor Rates: 0 to +/-2%
      • Equipment: 0 to +/-1%


Version Update

June 02, 2016

  • Fixed Access Violation in Global Print Screen

Version Update

June 01, 2016

  • ClaimsWire Integration Update
  • Added Photo Sheets Audit to Global Print Screen (Ensures That Users Include Digital Photos When Photo Sheets Are Selected)
  • Added “If Incurred” Language Option to S.O.L. (Statement of Loss)
  • Added Reason Field to Advance Payment Requested Section of the NFIP Preliminary Report

2nd Quarter Pricing 2016 Update

May 09, 2016

  • Complete Building Repair Registry
    • Line Item Additions/Deletions/Changes/Clarifications:
      • ADDED: A/C – Heat Pump Electric Whip
      • ADDED: Drywall Corner and Arch Trim
      • ADDED: Scrape and Spray Ceiling Texture
      • CLARIFICATION: Outlet and Switch Assemblies (under light and power circuits) Specification clarification and added new assembly
      • CLARIFICATION: Clarified in Specification for all pre-hung door units that no Casing or Trim Sets are included in Line Item cost
      • CLARIFICATION: A/C – Heat Pump Line Sets (Specification clarification)
      • MOVED: Circuit Breakers (expanded and moved to a Level 2 Category Listing)
    • Location Factor Changes:
      • Materials: 0 to +/-1%
      • Labor Rates: 0 to +/-2%
      • Equipment: 0 to +/-1%
    • Other Pricing Changes:
      • None

Version Update

March 01, 2016

  • Added Ability to Select Multiple Items in List View w\Shift Key For:
    • Digital Photos
    • Diagrams
    • Attached Documents
    • Notebooks
  • Enhanced Digital Photos Component:
    • Added Next and Previous Buttons to Digital Imager Screen
    • Added Navigation Shortcuts for Next and Previous Feature; Ctrl + Left or Right Arrow to Load Next/Prev. Photo
    • Improved Bulk Photo Rename to Truncate Names Longer Than 24 Characters Automatically
    • Added Notification for Blank Names in Bulk Photo Rename Component
  • Enhanced Tax Rate Printout to Now Display Rate to Four Decimal Places
  • Added Override of Pre/Post FIRM in Form Wizard and Updated Rule for Pre/Post FIRM on Prelim Form

Version Update

February 03, 2016

  • Added SIMSOL ClipBoard™ Integration
    • Simsol 7.0 fully integrates with SIMSOL’s new mobile device app, SIMSOL ClipBoard™ (CB). Users download claims to the CB app to record voice notes, photos, and other field data to complete preliminary inspection reports and forms, such as the forms of the NFIP. Collected field data is uploaded to the SIMSOL Cloud for downloading to SIMSOL 7.0
  • Added New Complete Building Repair Registry
  • Added Ability to Exclude Attachments from Archive(s)
  • Improved Autoupdater (Improved Version Tracking)
  • Improved ClaimsWire Uploader Tool
  • Improved Warehouse Uploader Tool
  • Digital Photos Improvements:
    • Bulk Rename Functionality (Allows for Renaming of Multiple Images At Once)
    • Improved Sorting Functionality (Allows Moving Multiple Images At Once)
    • Improved General Navigation for Single Image View Section
  • Updated Forms (Added Pre/Post FIRM and Date of Substantial Improvement to wizard)
  • Fixed Arizona Privilege Tax (APT) Area Calculations on Detailed Summary Printout
  • Fixed Date Stamp on Printouts for Forms with Blank Dates
  • Moved R&R Scope Option from Drawer Preferences to VSS Preference (Maintain\Preferences\Virtual Scope Screen)

1st Quarter Pricing 2016 Update

February 03, 2016

  • Complete Building Repair Registry
    • Simsol 7.0 combines all three (3) of SIMSOL’s cost databases (Residential, Heavy Commercial and Manufactured/Mobile Home) into a single Complete Building Repair Registry. The result of this merging of the three formerly separate databases is:
      • Over 3,000 new material line items for building estimates
      • Almost 20,000 new scopes of repair
      • New Repair Line Item Categories to better organize estimates
      • More VSS items displayed in Alphabetical order for faster estimate line item searches
      • Enhanced Line Item Specifications for clearer and more detailed understanding of what is included in line item scopes and operations
    • Location Factor Changes
      • Material cost average 0 to +/-3%
      • Labor cost average 0 to +/-3%
      • Equipment cost average 0 to +/-1%

October Pricing Update

October 19, 2015

  • Residential / Commercial Database
    • Location Factor Changes
      • Material cost average 0 to +/-3%
      • Labor cost average 0 to +/-3%
      • Equipment cost average 0 to +/-1%
  • Heavy Commercial Database
    • Location Factor Changes
      • Material cost average 0 to +/-3%
      • Labor cost average 0 to +/-3%
      • Equipment cost average 0 to +/-1%
  • Manufactured Homes Database
    • Location Factor Changes
      • Material cost average 0 to +/-3%
      • Labor cost average 0 to +/-3%
      • Equipment cost average 0 to +/-1%

Version Update

July 24, 2015

  • July 2015 Database Pricing
  • Improvements to ClaimsWire Upload Process
  • Improvements to Warehouse Upload Process
  • Fixes to Contents Payment Tracking
  • Removed Character Limitation on ClaimsWire Comments Section

July Pricing Update

July 24, 2015

  • Residential / Commercial Database
    • Location Factor Changes
      • Material cost average 0 to +/-1%
      • Labor cost average 0 to +/-2%
      • Equipment cost average 0 to +/-1%
  • Heavy Commercial Database
    • Location Factor Changes
      • Material cost average 0 to +/-1%
      • Labor cost average 0 to +/-2%
      • Equipment cost average 0 to +/-1%
  • Manufactured Homes Database
    • Location Factor Changes
      • Material cost average 0 to +/-1%
      • Labor cost average 0 to +/-2%
      • Equipment cost average 0 to +/-1%

Version Update

June 29, 2015

  • Fixed Sales Tax Look-Up on ‘Loss Info’ and the ‘Claim Setup Wizard’ Screens
  • Fixed Sales Tax Processing for Breakout/Non-Breakout Estimates
  • Fixed Area Photos Issue for Building and A.P.S. Estimates – Photos Not Always Printing
  • Fixed Issue With Print Group Templates and Sales Tax Calculation Printout
  • Added New ‘Claim Setup Wizard’ for Imported Claims With Custom Coverage Types
  • Removed Ability to Alter Sales Tax Rate on Contents Items That Have Already Been Paid
  • Improved Web Service Connection to Warehouse Upload Utility
  • Added Additional Error Tracking to Warehouse Upload Utility

Version Update

June 16, 2015

  • Fixed Sales Tax Lookup Feature From Page One of the Claim Setup Wizard

Version Update

June 12, 2015

  • Fixed Line-Item Spacing\Blank Spacing on Building and APS Estimate Printouts
  • Fixed ‘User Notes’ Issue When Generating Contents Estimates
  • Fixed Error With Dates Input From Claim Set-up Wizard

Version Update

June 09, 2015

  • Updated Elevator Components in SQFT Valuation Data
  • Re-Added “Select-All” Feature to Digital Photos Component
  • Improved “Sort Alphabetically” Feature in the Digital Photos Sort Screen
    • Adjusted Button Positioning
    • Added Process Confirmation Window
  • Adjusted Tile Placement in Digital Photos Thumbnails View
  • Added Quick-Naming Feature to Thumbnails View in Digital Photos, Diagrams, Notes & Attachments
  • Enhanced Focus of List and Thumbnail Selection Indicator Within Digital Photos, Diagrams, Notes & Attachments
  • Enhanced Display Capabilities for Some Resolutions
  • Fixed “Date Closed” Issue (12/30/1899) Within Billing & Invoice Component
  • Added “Show Line Item Sales Tax Details” As Available Print Option in Global Print Screen”

Version Update

May 05, 2015

  • Fixed Claimswire “Port in Use” Upload Issue
  • Fixed Claimswire SSL Upload Configuration

Version Update

April 28, 2015

  • Improved CW upload error handling
  • Fixed the issue with DPI settings in Windows 8

Version Update

April 24, 2015

  • Fixed issue with ClaimsWire Upload Queue Not Displaying Archive (SFZ) File When Uploading Closing Reports
  • Fixed ClaimsWire Issue With Packets Marked for Upload Not Automatically Uploading
  • Fixed Error “0.0 is Not a Valid Timestamp” for Certain Users
  • Fixed Image.DB Error on New Claim Creation for Certain Users
  • Updated PDF Importer Component to Increase File Compatibility Support
  • Fixed Milestone Issue With Date Selection Calendar Not Displaying for Inspection Date Field
  • Fixed Milestone Issue With CW Date Creation Data Not Saving

Version Update

April 20, 2015

  • Multiple Estimates
  • New Camera Module
  • ClaimsWire Live View (Claims Grid)
  • Claim Jumper
  • Photo Preview on Claims Grid
  • Updated Area Screen (Photo Gallery and Updated Look)
  • Updated Roof Screen (Photo Gallery and Updated Look)
  • Updated Elevation Screen (Photo Gallery and Updated Look)
  • Updated Loss Types and Printouts
  • Added Auto Claim Close Functionality with Close Date Preference (On Startup Check Claim Creation Date and Any Claim Older Than Preference Close the Claim)
  • Enhanced Thumbnail View for:
    • Diagrams
    • Photos
    • Attachments
    • Notes
    • Scanned Docs (Read-Only)
  • Added File Size Estimator to Archive Dialog
  • Improved Claim Activity Tracking (History) for:
    • Important Dates
    • Photo Added
    • Drawing Added
    • Form Added
    • Report Added
    • Scanned Doc Added
    • Additional Estimate Added
    • Additional Estimate Area Created
    • Activity Log Entry
  • Updated History View
  • Added New Claim Notes for History
  • New Claim History Printout
  • Scheduled Inspection and Additional Appointments Dialog
  • Map Upcoming Inspections and Scheduled Appointments
  • Added Appointments Printing Capability
  • SFA Detects if Touch Display is Available and Expands Main Menu To Allow Better Operation with Touch (Especially Small Tablets)
  • Ability to Rename PDF Documents in SFA
  • External PDF Utility (Allows Users to Rotate PDF Documents and Save Them Back into SFA)
  • Improved Contents Estimate Importer
  • New Building and APS Estimate Importer
  • Auto Updater Ability to Show Version and Fix Updates
  • Update All Drawers With Current GPT After New DB Installation (Auto Updater Or Stand-Alone)
  • Updated ClaimsWire Utility
  • Additional Minor Bug Fixes

April Pricing Update

April 20th, 2015

  • Residential / Commercial Database
    • Location Factor Changes
      • Labor Cost Average Increase of +/- 1 To 3%
  • Heavy Commercial Database
    • Location Factor Changes
      • Labor Cost Average Increase Of +/- 1 To 3%
  • Manufactured Homes Database
    • Location Factor Changes
      • Labor Cost Average Increase of +/- 1 To 3%

Version Update

February 27, 2015

  • Compiled
    • January 2015 Database Pricing
    • NFIP Form updates fix for Claimswire uploads
    • Minor feature enhancements for auto-updater

October Pricing Update

October 15, 2014

  • Residential / Commercial Database
    • Item Additions / Expansion:
      • Redwood Decks Material Increase 6%
      • Recycled Decks Material Increase 13%
      • Brick Molding Material Increase 12%
      • Decorative Exterior Pre-Hung Doors 4 – 6% Material Increase
      • Fiberglass Doors 7 – 14% Increase Materials
      • Pre-Hung HC Doors 6 – 12% Increase
      • Wood Screen Doors 25% Increase Materials
    • Location Factor Changes
      • Labor Cost Average Increase of +/- 1 To 3%
  • Heavy Commercial Database
    • Location Factor Changes
      • Labor Cost Average Increase Of +/- 1 To 3%
  • Manufactured Homes Database
    • Location Factor Changes
      • Labor Cost Average Increase of +/- 1 To 3%

Version Update

June 27, 2014

  • Compiled
    • Repaired existing area names disappearing if area(s) were edited after initial creation

Version Update

June 25, 2014

  • Compiled
    • Re-added Scope 3 (Remove & Replace as Single Line Item) to Virtual Scope Sheet
    • Added ability to import PDF’s for contents inventories
    • Added ability to set default scopes for depreciation with Trade & Trade w\Age Tables
    • Added mentor/adjuster signature sections to NFIP forms & preferences
    • Added ability to allow multiple copies of ClaimsWire assignments on one system
    • Enhanced NFIP Final report to allow deductible/participation value manipulation
    • Enhanced PDF processing module to better handle auto-rotation for PDF outputs
    • Repaired about screen links to Simsol website and direct e-mail
    • Repaired flood information merge field data for basement types
    • Repaired calculation issue on Scope of Damage screen for individuals area totals
    • Repaired Flood Information Lookup in forms processing
    • Repaired RCBAP Penalty Worksheet penalty calculator

April Pricing Update

April 21, 2014

  • Residential/Light Commercial
  • Commercial
  • Manufactured Home
  • Residential
    • Added submersible well pumps with electrical installation
    • Added to spec for exterior siding
    • Added allowance for re-nailing roof decks
  • Price Increases
    • 3% cd plywood flooring
    • 3% bc plywood exterior wall sheathing
    • 19% garbage disposals
    • 15 – 20% Thermal Expansion Tanks
  • Location Factor Changes
    • Labor cost average increase of +/- 1 to 3%

Version Update

April 17, 2014

  • Compiled
    • Multiple monitor support has been increased (fixes issues with certain remote desktop solutions)
    • Photo import and workflow enhancements
    • Enhanced system processing functions for attaching photos and other media
    • Fixed ‘Prior Loss’ section of ‘NFIP Final Report’ as well as improved form wizard aesthetics
    • Improved handling for attached PDF’s with rotated pages
    • Added close option to ‘About’ screen
    • Improved network version directory structure
    • Improved Auto Updater to fix rare installation issues with certain systems
    • Improved registration capabilities
    • Added the ability to include logo, e-mail address and cell phone number to invoices
    • Improved tenant improvement final flood form for WYO and NFIP direct

Version 5.2 Update

January 21, 2014

  • Compiled
    • January 2014 database repair pricing
    • Integration with MySimsol for licensing and online payment
    • Auto-update check utility
    • All warehouse uploads are now automated
    • Removed Scanned Documents module, enhanced attached documents
    • Ability to print TIF and PNG attachments in master print screen
    • Simsol touch capability for Windows tablets
    • Added VSS repair category filtering
    • Nation-wide sales tax lookup
    • Save and restore diagrams to a diagram library
    • Change repair item economic age in the VSS
    • Change depreciation type for multiple items in VSS
    • Option to include sales tax in unit cost for contents estimate
    • Added new estimate report type – Detailed (Labor / Material / Equipment)
    • Added local phone number for out of country users in about box and license
    • Adjuster digital signature can be set as a preference
    • Allow multiple ALE advances with dates and descriptions
    • Page rotation for portrait printing based on user’s preference
    • Arizona Privilege Tax with capability to limit basis to a variable %
    • Enhanced PDF processing to reduce PDF size with PDF attachments
    • Next/Previous buttons when importing thumbnails
    • Ctrl U/I/B keyboard shortcuts for Underline, Italic, and Bold in report tool
    • New sales tax calculation methods (none and included in UC)
    • User interface design enhancements

October Pricing Update

October 21, 2013

  • Residential / Commercial Database Item Additions / Expansion:
    • Updated – Batt Unsulation 15%
    • Updated – Sound Board 50%
    • Added – Attic Ventilation Channels
    • Added – Window Security Grating / Louvered Vent
    • Added – Window Security Grating / Ornamental Window Bar Guards
    • Added – Security Storm Doors
  • Heavy Commercial and Mobile Home Databases:
    • No pricing changes or additions
  • Location Factor Changes:
    • Labor cost average increase of +/- 1 to 3%

July Pricing Update

July 23, 2013

  • General
    • Updated Labor Cost Factors
    • Average of all changes -1% – +3%

April Pricing Update

May 22, 2013

  • General
    • Added – Neo-Angle Door for Shower
  • Material Changes
    • 3 Tab Asphalt Composition Shingles – 3% increase
    • Cellar Door – Material changed to Bilco Door or similar quality
  • Specifications Expanded (includes material description, thickness, etc.):
    • Vinyl Exterior Siding
    • Carpeting
    • Sheet Vinyl Flooring
    • Vinyl Tile Flooring
    • Wall Paneling
    • Wallpaper
    • Ceiling Tile
    • Storm Door
    • Faucet
    • Sink
    • Ceiling Fan
    • Oak Strip Wood Plank Flooring
    • Door for Shower
    • Door for Bathtub
    • Door Bell

January Pricing Update

Jan 16, 2013

  • General
    • Added – Ozone Machines (various sizes) – daily rental costs
    • Added – 16″ Open Air Fan – daily rental costs
    • Added – Spray-on Foam Insulation for Walls and Ceilings
    • % increase all labor rates
  • Material Changes
    • Composition Shingles – 7.5% increase
    • Wood and Shake Shingles – 3% increase
    • Slate Roofing – 5% increase
    • Fiber Cement Slate Roofing – 15% increase
    • Clay Tile Roofing – 35% increase
  • Location Factor Changes
    • January 2013 Standard Residential/Light Commercial Database
    • Factors increased to match Superstorm Sandy levels

Version 5.1 Sp2 Update

Nov 13, 2012

  • Compiled
    • October 2012 NFIP Fee Schedule
    • November 2012 Sandy Pricing Database
    • Resolves issue in VSS when trying to scope a group item
    • Resolves issue in EDS export
    • Resolves issue with print templates
    • Enhanced Location Factor Options
    • Resolves issues enabling buttons when on the claim grid
    • Enhanced Claim (CSV) file import feature
    • Contains Claimswire improvements

NFIP Fee Schedule Update

Nov 2, 2012

  • Newly published ( October 2012 ) fee schedule from the National Flood Insurance Program

Version 5.1 Update

Oct 22, 2012

  • Compiled
    • Enhanced Simsol SmartSketch
    • Updated forms library
    • Enhanced file upload handling
    • A.L.E. multiple advances
    • Enhanced digital photo sorting
    • Added a library function for diagrams/sketches
    • Graphical repair item search

October 2012 Pricing Update

Oct 17, 2012

  • Residential/Commercial Database
    • Felt paper increase 20% (due to oil price increase)
    • Fire pricing added under Walls and Ceilings
    • Wall paneling expanded
    • Roof scuppers and roof drain covers
    • Asphalt impregnated board sheathing
  • Mobile Home Database
    • Wall paneling expanded
    • Vinyl covered hardboard added
    • Rolled roofing (nailed and applied with hot asphalt) added
    • Composition shingles – cost with markup removed
    • Composition shingles with felt added
  • Location Factor Changes
    • Labor cost average increase of +/- 1 to 3%
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