Where does Simsol’s database pricing come from?
Simsol has partnered with Craftsman-Book publishing to bring our users unlimited access to a complete database containing thousands of line items with definitive pricing. All core and materials pricing is updated quarterly and in times of catastrophe we issue special advisories on how pricing should or should not be adjusted during catastrophe-related reconstruction.
Does Simsol automatically backup my files?
At the current time we do not, however Simsol will be providing this shortly.  Soon you'll have all your sensitive claim data stored in our cloud for easy access from multiple devices.  In the meantime, you'll want to make sure you are backing up your work effectively.  You never know when disaster will strike (you've probably heard that before) so back up your stuff, it's important!
Can I import digital photos and print them with my estimates?
Yes, digital photos are a snap with Simsol. You can import a large group of photos at once, label them, and then include them with your printed estimates. Visit our support site to see an instructional video on this topic as well as many others posted for your convenience.
Can I draw sketches & diagrams with Simsol?
Yes, Simsol comes with one of the industry's easiest drawing tools, "SmartSketch." SmartSketch gives you a number of methods for quickly drawing perfect diagrams every time. You can import rooms directly from the estimate section of your claim, use the QuickSketch feature or simply draw your diagram using the many freehand tools it comes with. We have a series of instructional videos on SmartSketch and how easy it is to use.
Does your software include industry forms and reports?
Yes, it does. Our software comes packed with a library of widely recognized industry forms and report templates. Not only do we have them, they are dynamic templates meaning that most of the information that needs to be entered is done automatically by Simsol. The software evaluates all your claim information and auto-fills most of your reports and forms saving you bundles of time. Take a moment to check out one of our instructional videos on how to use forms and reports.
Is your software just for insurance adjusters or can contractors use it to?
For those insurance restoration contractors that have been searching for a fast and efficient way to estimate their insurance-related restoration jobs, Simsol provides them with the same estimating tool currently being used by thousands of insurance adjusters across the country. Simsol contains additional features designed specifically for restoration contractors. Users of the software can create multiple cost databases for each of their insurance company clients. Estimate data can be exported out of and into many of the most popular Job Costing programs currently available in today’s construction market.
What types of claims can I do with Simsol?
All kinds! Simsol does not limit you to any one type of claim. With almost 100 different loss types, Simsol is known for being a multi-peril estimating solution. Since Simsol began, adjusters and contractors nationwide have written millions of estimates using our software. If there is a loss type that the industry recognizes, you can bet you'll able to write an estimate for it using Simsol!
Can I cancel at any time?
Even though we know you'll love using our software, you can cancel your account by choosing not to renew when your license expires. We'll be sad to see you go. Before buying a license to use our software, please consider your purchase carefully, as all sales are final and subject to the terms and conditions of the licensing agreement. We can not issue refunds for purchased licenses :(
Can I pay for my software online?
Yep, you sure can. Part of creating your MySimsol account includes the ability to purchase and manage all of your software licenses online.
Do I need to sign a contract to use your software?
Nope, no contracts here! We're just a software company with some great products we think you'll enjoy using - it doesn't need to be complicated. After your free trial period is up you can simply choose between a couple different pricing packages and that's it. You don't need to call or speak to anyone, just login, pay online and start using Simsol.
What do I get with a free trial?
Registering for a free trial gives you access to your very own "My Simsol" account. From the dashboard you can download a demo copy of our desktop estimating software as well as try other simsol products that are currently available. When ready, you can register and pay for your Simsol software right from your Simsol account. During your trial period, you'll have access to many instructional tools and videos to help you get started. You'll also be able to speak to our knowledgeable support staff for help with any of our products.
How often are database updates released?
Database updates are released quarterly. You can choose to be notified by email, facebook or twitter that new pricing updates are avaialable. Your Simsol software also has a built in update checking system that will let you know there are updates waiting to be installed and you can initialize them from there.
What types of databases does Simsol provide?
Simsol provides the following pricing databases: Residential, Heavy Commercial, Personal Property, Mobile/Manufactured Home, and Insurance to Value.
Can I change Simsol’s database pricing?
Yes, we offer a couple different methods of adjusting database pricing to give you full control of your estimating. We know not to dictate pricing since every estimate won't be the same. We prefer to provide you with industry approved pricing and let you have ultimate control of repair prices.
What types of technical support do you offer?
We offer a number of different avenues to get help from our great team of support staffers. You can get help by phone, by email, through web conferencing or on our online support center. Our online suppport center is full of questions, discussions and instructional videos to help you get your questions answered. The best part about it is it's available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.
Do I have to pay for support?
Nope, support is a free service to all Simsol users. If you are using a trial version we'll help you too, free of charge!
Can I get help after hours?
Our telephone lines are open from 9am-5:30pm est., however our online support center is always available. If you submit a question in our support discussion area, you'll usually get an answer very quickly. It's likely that you'll find the answer to your question just by browsing discussions posted previously by other users.
Do you have any instructional videos I can watch to help me get started?
We sure do! Your MySimsol account is full of instructional videos to help you learn our software. The best part of about these videos is that they are available 24/7 and completely free! If you find yourself burning the midnight oil and in need of some help, these videos come in very handy.
Do you offer training for your products?
We most certainly do! You can choose to come visit us down in sunny Orlando, Fl for a 3-day training course or learn from the comfort of your own office with web training. We can also send a certified trainer to you if your organization would like to host a training class. You can learn more about all of our training options here.
Do I need an internet connection to use Simsol?
You don't need an intenet connection to use Simsol, however you may need it occasionally to update your license or to backup your files.
Is Simsol compatible with Apple products?
At this time we don't have Apple compatible products. Some of our users have been able to run our software on Apple machines using products that emulate a Windows operating environment on a mac. Our support team can't do much to help with technical issues that arise from this type of setup becuase it does not comply with our license agreement.
What are your minimum system requirements for a desktop pc or laptop?
Windows 10, Windows 8 (not 8 RT), Windows 7, Windows Vista (All Suites), Windows XP (All Suites). PC with 2.8 GHz microprocessor or higher 4GB of DDR RAM or higher, 150MB of free hard disk space, SVGA or better screen display (minimum 800 x 600 resolution) ,True Color Graphics
Is there a network version of Simsol?
Yes there is. Our network version is intended for local area networks with a dedicated server machine to host Simsol. This setup allows your team to login & share your Simsol files in one place. You pay for the number of "seats" you would like to be able to access the software at the same time.
Is Simsol 7.0 Windows 10 Compatible?
Simsol Software reports being prepared and Simsol 6.0 and 7.0 are compatible with the release of Windows 10, after months of developer testing.
What types of loss do you handle?
Simsol handles flood, "Flood Strong™", fire, wind, hail, hurricane and large loss. If you have a specific type of loss you would like to discuss, please email us, info@simsol.com or call us, 800.447.4676.