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    Using Discovery will improve adjuster performance, reduce claim leakage & increase the overall efficiency of your claims team.

    Simsol Discovery™ (PDF Info Sheet) contains powerful estimate auditing tools enabling managers to electronically examine one or ten thousand estimates for accuracy and adherence to a specific number of company Best Practices. Property estimates are scored and anomalies are flagged for managers to review and determine if additional adjuster training is required or some other action must be taken. Claim managers are able to quickly make decisions on how to improve adjuster performance, reduce claim leakage, and increase the overall efficiency of their claims units.

     “Simsol’s estimate analysis software lets our managers know how our adjusters are doing in the field. Our audit team can now focus on problem areas much faster and spend time with adjusters who need the most help with their estimates. There is no doubt Simsol’s Discovery product is making our property staff better and our claims unit more productive.” Mike M. – V.P. of Claims / Regional Insurance Carrier

    Reasons to use Discovery

    Return On Investment

    Since its creation, the Simsol system has strived to offer the insurance industry the highest Return On Investment (ROI) possible for property estimating and claim documentation software. We firmly believe this is accomplished by keeping tight controls on many different aspects that contribute to the entire cost of use for estimating software.
    One of these aspects is managing your adjusting teams and helping them adhere to company best practices with their adjusting. Simsol Discovery’s tools electronically examine estimates for accuracy and adherence to any insurance carrier’s Best Practices and Fair Claims Handling procedures.


    Industry Trends & Comparisons

    Over one million property claims and estimates have been uploaded to our data warehouse. Discovery contains powerful tools that break down this data to provide managers with industry statistics. These statistics serve as benchmarks which can be utilized by claims managers in order to make comparisons to their own individual company’s performance and adherence to company best practices.


    Customizable Management Reports

    Discovery contains powerful reporting tools for managers to focus on critical areas of claims handling such as days of service, proper estimating techniques, and Simsol usage, consistency of unit cost pricing, claim severity drivers, general claim statistics and more. Discovery breaks down all your data into easy-to-read management reports. Monitoring this data is a guaranteed way for managers to ensure their claims units are providing the optimum level of service to the policyholder in addition to protecting the needs and profitability of the organization.


    Secure Cloud-Based Data Backup

    Discovery provides insurance carriers with a secure location to store property claims and is an enhancement suite to our bullet-proof estimating software. Each member of your claims team will have their closed claims automatically backed up from their estimating software to our cloud servers. Once their files are backed up, they are ready to be analyzed by Discovery. In the event an adjuster’s computer is stolen, lost or damaged, all uploaded claims can be downloaded back to the adjuster at any time.


    Discovery Pricing

    There are no upfront costs to integrate Discovery into your claims processes. Discovery clients are billed quarterly after the first quarter of usage and charged based on the number of closed claims uploaded to the system. Please contact us for pricing for Discovery.

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