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Why our users love us:

  • Easy CMS integration for automation
  • Craftsman Book backed repair pricing
  • Easy digital photo, scanned doc & attachment mgmt.
  • Time saving features for quick estimating

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    Property Estimating Software for Professional Adjusters & Contractors Made Easy

    Simsol is our flagship product for adjusters and contractors. Originally developed in 1984, our estimating software has evolved into a complete end-to-end solution for adjusters, managers and restoration and rebuild contractors. Simsol’s easy to use “point and click” user interface enables users to create line items as fast as they can move the computer’s mouse. There are no codes to remember, no codes to look up. Our own research shows, on average, less than 3% of our total user base calls for tech support in any given week.

    Simsol started in flood, “Flood Strong™”, and quickly expanded into other facets of property loss; wind, large loss, hurricane, fire and into the restoration and contractor space. We have a team of professionals, experienced in all of these areas, to bring accurate and realistic functionality to our programs. Our software is regularly updated to reflect fair and relevant pricing and to keep up with the technology adjusting and contractor professionals are using in the field.

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    “Simsol provides an excellent software package that allows adjusters to generate professional and accurate reports in a minimal amount of time. The package gives you more flexibility and power at a price that is lower than that of most competing packages.” Richard Ambrose at JAR Systems LLC

    Hear what our users have to say about Simsol

    We know that the most important opinions are the ones that can come from people in your field. If there is one thing that Simsol users have in common, it’s their willingness to express how much they like our software. We gladly thank them for that!

    Tadd Fouch is a senior claims representative and super nice guy. We ran into Tadd at the PLRB conference and he was kind enough to talk to us about his Simsol experience. It was a pleasure chatting with him and thanks for all the kind words about Simsol!

    We’ve got all the features you need

    Digital Photos in a Snap

    Import digital photos into your claim files with ease. With Simsol, you can import photos directly from your hard drive, digital camera, or external storage device. Label and annotate your photos for a professional and impressive finish.

    Industry Forms & Reports

    Our library of industry forms and reports is a game changer. Not only do we have an extensive list of commonly used reports, we use merge field technology to auto-fill your reports for you! It just doesn’t get any better than that.

    Quick Diagrams with SmartSketch

    Draw beautiful diagrams in Simsol quickly and easily using SmartSketch. Don’t spend hours creating diagrams, we’d rather you spend your valuable time doing the important stuff – estimates!

    Beautiful Estimates

    We don’t mean to brag, but Simsol creates the most readable, best-looking estimates and claim files you’ve ever seen. Take a look at a sample estimate to see for yourself. Submit claims for review with confidence every time.

    Free Tech Support

    Don’t pay extra for help, that’s kind of silly. We’ve got an award winning team of support people standing by to help all of our users if they need it. Call, email or ask a question at our online support site

    Free Upgrades & Updates

    Our free updates keep your software and database pricing current at all times. No extra fees or purchases for upgrades, it’s all included.

    Our “Virtual Scope Sheet” changed the way estimating is done.

    Simsol’s Virtual Scope Sheet revolutionized modern property estimating. There are no confusing codes to memorize here. Just find a repair, click the appropriate scope button and that’s it!

    Simsol - The Claim Grid

    “SmartSketch” for beautiful diagrams in half the time.

    Simsol users spend less time drawing and more time estimating! Our quick-sketch feature will have you cranking out diagrams faster than any other estimating software anywhere!

    Simsol - The Claim Grid

    Simple, straight-forward pricing. No gimmicks, cancel any time!

    Starter PlanBeginners Delight

    • 30-Day Free Trial
    • Free Technical Support
    • Free Upgrades
    • Access to MySimsol
    • Network Ready Version
    • Standard Pricing

    Professional PlanThings to do, People to see

    • 30-Day Free Trial
    • Free Technical Support
    • Free Upgrades
    • Access to MySimsol
    • Network Ready Version
    • Discount: 17%

    Business PlanCorporates & Man Eaters

    • 30-Day Free Trial
    • Free Technical Support
    • Free Upgrades
    • Access to MySimsol
    • Network Ready Version
    • Discount: 38%

    Quick answers to common questions.

    Where does Simsol’s database pricing come from?
    Simsol has partnered with Craftsman-Book publishing to bring our users unlimited access to a complete database containing thousands of line items with definitive pricing. All core and materials pricing is updated quarterly and in times of catastrophe we issue special advisories on how pricing should or should not be adjusted during catastrophe-related reconstruction.
    Does Simsol automatically backup my files?
    At the current time we do not, however Simsol will be providing this shortly.  Soon you'll have all your sensitive claim data stored in our cloud for easy access from multiple devices.  In the meantime, you'll want to make sure you are backing up your work effectively.  You never know when disaster will strike (you've probably heard that before) so back up your stuff, it's important!
    Can I import digital photos and print them with my estimates?
    Yes, digital photos are a snap with Simsol. You can import a large group of photos at once, label them, and then include them with your printed estimates. Visit our support site to see an instructional video on this topic as well as many others posted for your convenience.
    Can I draw sketches & diagrams with Simsol?
    Yes, Simsol comes with one of the industry's easiest drawing tools, "SmartSketch." SmartSketch gives you a number of methods for quickly drawing perfect diagrams every time. You can import rooms directly from the estimate section of your claim, use the QuickSketch feature or simply draw your diagram using the many freehand tools it comes with. We have a series of instructional videos on SmartSketch and how easy it is to use.
    Does your software include industry forms and reports?
    Yes, it does. Our software comes packed with a library of widely recognized industry forms and report templates. Not only do we have them, they are dynamic templates meaning that most of the information that needs to be entered is done automatically by Simsol. The software evaluates all your claim information and auto-fills most of your reports and forms saving you bundles of time. Take a moment to check out one of our instructional videos on how to use forms and reports.
    Is your software just for insurance adjusters or can contractors use it to?
    For those insurance restoration contractors that have been searching for a fast and efficient way to estimate their insurance-related restoration jobs, Simsol provides them with the same estimating tool currently being used by thousands of insurance adjusters across the country. Simsol contains additional features designed specifically for restoration contractors. Users of the software can create multiple cost databases for each of their insurance company clients. Estimate data can be exported out of and into many of the most popular Job Costing programs currently available in today’s construction market.
    What types of claims can I do with Simsol?
    All kinds! Simsol does not limit you to any one type of claim. With almost 100 different loss types, Simsol is known for being a multi-peril estimating solution. Since Simsol began, adjusters and contractors nationwide have written millions of estimates using our software. If there is a loss type that the industry recognizes, you can bet you'll able to write an estimate for it using Simsol!
    Can I cancel at any time?
    Even though we know you'll love using our software, you can cancel your account by choosing not to renew when your license expires. We'll be sad to see you go. Before buying a license to use our software, please consider your purchase carefully, as all sales are final and subject to the terms and conditions of the licensing agreement. We can not issue refunds for purchased licenses 🙁
    Can I pay for my software online?
    Yep, you sure can. Part of creating your MySimsol account includes the ability to purchase and manage all of your software licenses online.
    Do I need to sign a contract to use your software?
    Nope, no contracts here! We're just a software company with some great products we think you'll enjoy using - it doesn't need to be complicated. After your free trial period is up you can simply choose between a couple different pricing packages and that's it. You don't need to call or speak to anyone, just login, pay online and start using Simsol.

      What our Users say:

      I have used the Simsol estimating program since it was dos based. Excellent program that has grown, expanded, and kept up with the adjuster's needs. Highly recomend for flood or daily claims usage.
      Started using Simsol estimating software for it's extensive contents database during Hurricane Charley in 2004 . Have since used it for dwelling and contents estimates in Hurricanes Katrina, Wilma, Ike, Sandy in NJ. Also, used for waterloss, fire, sinkhole and vaious other claims adjusting. All in all a great program, easy to use and good value compared to other products available to the adjuster.
      We have used Simsol over the years and have found the program to be the perfect software program for adjusting needs. The program is easy to use and very intuitive. The data base is especially helpful for a catastrophe adjuster. We find the format easy to work through and the help section is also easy to access and very detailed.
      Woody BrittonWoody Britton, AIC
      I have been a Simsol customer for five years now. I use their Simsol for Adjusters software. The program provides me with the tools I need to deliver great results to my clients. Their tech support is one of the best I encountered in my 15 years as a property adjuster, always there with a solution to my tech questions when I need them.

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