ClipBoard™ User Guide (pdf)

ClipBoard™ is designed to eliminate notes and reduce paperwork by allowing importation of computer worksheets, various software program data, and photos. Streamline and organize data on one application for a powerful claim estimating experience. Portrait mode allows for multiple photos consecutively, in ordered sequence with the ability to resize images. This also makes the uploaded photos the correct size for Simsol 7.0.

Simsol ClipBoard Screen Shots


  • Reduce duplication of effort throughout the scoping process
  • Save time and take pictures with your device, loading directly into Simsol 7.0
  • Electronic Signature (e-signature) on-site
  • Increase accuracy and greatly reduce transcribing errors
  • Don’t worry about lost paperwork or files– carry less and waste less time

Simsol's ClipBoard Screenshots


Follow these quick instructions below or refer to our comprehensive user guide, here: ClipBoard™ User Guide (pdf)

1. From your iPad or Android tablet click the “Download ClipBoard™” button for your O/S below. Alternately you can search for the ClipBoard™ app in the iTunes or Google Play stores. Once the download has completed, then install the app on your device.

2. After successfully installing ClipBoard™ on your tablet, you’ll want to activate the ClipBoard™ app by inputting your MySimsol credentials. If you have not registered for a MySimsol account, please click the “I Need to Register” button. After successfully registering you will now be able to activate your ClipBoard™ account.

As always, our Technical Support staff is here to assist you should you have any questions or issues with this process.

ClipBoard on iTunes for AppleClipBoard for Google Play for Android


ClipBoard™ is extremely well-documented and, as always, easy-to-use. Please find the following documentation and training options that will get you started using ClipBoard™ right away and do not hesitate to contact us with any questions you may have.

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