Steps to Getting Simsol Cerified

Completing your Simsol Level 1 Certification can be done in two easy steps. First, you’ll want to pass our 25 question exam and then submit a PDF of a claim that demonstrates the tasks listed in our Simsol Practical Exercise. Once a Simsol Trainer has approved you, you’ll receive your Simsol Certified Material.

Step 1: Take and Pass Exam


Simsol’s Level 1 Certification Exam consists of 25 multiple choice, matching, and true or false questions. This is an open book, untimed exam so you can move at your own pace – however, you must complete the test in one sitting as you can not save your progress. You’ll receive your results at the end of the exam. If you fail, you can retake the exam at a later date. Be sure to review our Simsol Support Center for tutorials and helpful guides prior to beginning your exam.

Step 2: Complete Practical Exercise 


The Level 1 Practical Exercise is where you’ll shine. Prove you know how to do various basic tasks in Simsol and send us a copy of the PDF at the end. You will be presented with instructions on completing this practical once you’ve passed your exam. The practical is structured with a set of processes to complete – we’ll even provide some sample images and files so you can get the tasks done quickly.  If any corrections need to be made, a Simsol Trainer will provide you with feedback so you may revise and resubmit one time.

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