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Please feel free to contact us for industry and company information. Simsol offers simple solutions for the Property Insurance Industry. Over 30 years, thousands of users, millions of claims! The industry’s favorite estimating software just keeps getting better. See why thousands of adjusters and contractors choose Simsol. Read “About Simsol“.


5.10.2016 |  Simsol Software Releases 2nd Quarter Pricing 2016 Update to Simsol 7.0
Simsol Software Releases 2nd Quarter Pricing 2016 Update to Their Simsol 7.0 Property Estimating and Claims Management Software for Adjusters, Claims Carriers and Restoration Contractor Professionals.

2.8.2016 | Simsol Software Database Release
Simsol Software announced the release of its next generation estimating platforms cost database in conjunction with Simsol 7.0 earlier this month.

2.3.2016 | Simsol 7.0 Released
Simsol Software released version 7.0 today, with a more robust database and ClipBoard integration. Simsol 7.0 has a host of enhancements that make it the best version yet!

8.3.2015 | Simsol Software is Prepared and Compatible with Windows 10
Simsol Software reports being prepared and compatible with the release of Windows 10 today, after months of developer testing.

7.9.2015 | Simsol Joins Instagram
Simsol Software joins Instagram to share mold, fire and flood loss photos with Instagram Users through unique and stunning images not often found on Instagram.

6.24.2015 | Simsol Software Launches New Facebook Page
Simsol Software Launches New Facebook Page, Invites Industry to Friend, Share and Like Them.

5.05.2015 | Simsol Software Host of #PCInsChat
#PCInsChat, led by Simsol Software, will cover topics important to the Property and Casualty Industry, with regard to computer estimating and claims management software.

4.24.2015 | Simsol 6.0 Released
The latest version of Simsol Software 6.0, from the pioneers in estimating software, present many new features and enhancements to their software that make claims estimation, management, and multiple estimates faster, easier, more accurate and effective. Simsol 6.0 provides a spectrum of newly added features to improve workflow and ensure accurate results.


Simsol Estimating Journal | Volume 2, Issue 1


2.29.2012 | Property Casualty 360
Technology Has Evolved; So Too Must Adjusters

11.14.2011 | Property Casualty 360
Avoiding Property-Adjusting Blunders

7.29.2005 | Property Casualty 360
Saving Reconstruction Time and Money 



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