/*----------Autopilot-Code----------*/ /*----------LuckyOrange-Code----------*/ NEW Simsol 8.2 Build Release | Simsol Software

A brand new build of Simsol Property Estimating has just been released. This build focuses on software enhancements from suggestions contributed by our users.

New Mass Close Claim Functionality

You now have the ability to close all of your claims with just one-click. The improved ‘Close’ button can now mass-close your claims from the claims grid. This button will no longer lock your estimates. It will apply a Date Closed to all claims selected in the Claims Grid.

Preliminary Report Form Improvements

One of the improvements we made to the forms is the ability to change the ‘Date of Report’ Field manually. This field will now be able to be adjusted to accommodate re-submissions of older claim files. We also fixed the ‘Type of Basement’ radio option and the minor ‘Seasonal Residency’ issue, as well as other cosmetic changes.

Updated AutoUpdater Utility for Future Product 

Something is coming soon! We’ve updated our AutoUpdater to accommodate our latest product: Simdrive. To learn more about our new product that’s coming soon. Check it out here.

Phase One of Clipboard Sunset

We always want to provide our users with the most reliable and best tools on the market for estimating. While many of our users loved and used Clipboard, it has fallen short of our quality standards. Because of this, we have officially started Simsol Clipboard’s retirement. Clipboard is no longer available for download in app stores. In this release of Simsol, any account that has not already activated their Clipboard Account will no longer have the option to send or sync Clipboard claims. If you currently have Clipboard installed and enabled in Simsol, you will still be able to utilize the full functionality of Clipboard without issue. Our team is looking for alternative solutions. 

Other Build enhancements Include: 

  • Fixed the Ability to Create and Store Template Form Groups
  • Added Updated Quarterly Pricing Databases to Stand-Alone Installer
  • Improved Claimswire Upload Screens
  • Corrected Private Flood and ICC Forms
  • Improvement for updating and installing fresh copies of Simsol